Monday, July 27, 2015

Smart Tips for ID Theft Recovery

If you are a victim of ID theft, you will need to get busy. 

Here are some basic steps you will need to get started on.

1. Get started today. Don’t delay. You need to start as soon as you realize that something has happened.

2. You need to keep good records of all the steps you take during this process, so get organized and keep track of all the steps you take and who you contact.

3. You should visit the police and report it so that you will have a police report case number.

4. Go to the Federal Trade Commission’s website and file a formal ID theft complaint.

5. Visit the credit reporting agencies and have them place a fraud alert on your account.

6. A fraud alert lasts for 90 days, so you can place an extended fraud alert at the credit reporting agencies if you need to.

7. If your credit report shows any charges or accounts that aren’t yours, you should dispute those errors with each reporting agency.

8. If your issue involves one or more specific businesses, contact them in writing to explain your situation.

9. Any issue that involves the Internal Revenue Service needs to be addressed promptly. Be sure to reply to all IRS contacts.

10. If you are still disputing an issue with a creditor, you can ask the reporting agency to place a block on that issue.

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